“And if you play golf, you’re my friend.”

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My name is Brian Onorato and I am an Austin, TX based Assistant Golf Professional and PGA Apprentice. I’ve been golfing for nearly 25 years and have spent nearly 10 years working in the golf industry. Originally from New Jersey my girlfriend and I (and our two dogs) have been living in Austin for nearly two years and we absolutely love it!

I am certainly passionate about golf but it isn’t my only passion. My passion and love for my family and friends, for all things outdoors, and for teaching are all things that make me who I am and give me my “why” in life.

It wasn’t too long ago that I held a corporate 9-5 and longed for my days of working at the course. Life happens though, and I was suddenly let go from my company and thrown into a world of unknown. I had to do some self-examining and soon came to the realization that I had to re-connect with my core beliefs and interests no matter where it took me. As it turns out it led me right back to where I had gotten my first job - the golf course.

I spent months dedicating a few days a week to transform an out-of-shape game into shooting consistent 70’s in order to prepare for my playing ability test. Truthfully, this is where much of my teaching philosophy originates. The techniques I will teach you are the same ones that I use to this day and that I have shared with others to help their golf games. I promise that if you open your mind and give me 100% effort I will match it ten-fold.

At the end of the day I want everyone to enjoy this game as much as I do. There are valuable life lessons to be learned, experiences to be shared, and memories to never be forgotten and I want to give to you all that this game has given to me.

I look forward to working with you!

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